Sunday, March 06, 2005

Trial of Chicago 8

1) Comparing the three judges, Hoffman, Murtagh, and Larson, who do you think was the most just and fair during the trials? And why?

2) What effect do you think Judge Hoffman had on the defendants when he consistently called the junior counsel by the wrong name? If there was a method to his actions, was it affective?

3) What kind of tone do you think Abbie Hoffman set during the whole affair?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Black Panther Questions 2

1. Looking at the different conspiracies in Black Panther, like the "Ivory Hunter," Ulysses Klaw really looking to mine vibranium; or Ramonda, with Achebe, trying to take power in Wakanda, Do you believe that they are against the Wakandan King, first T'Chaka and then T'Challa, or against Wakanda itself? The country has advanced in technology, but kept its customs, pitting the City Dwellers against the Marsh Tribesmen. What do you think is the reasoning behind this separation? Also, how does this relate to their shared hate of the outside world, as seen when the refugees arive? Does this relate to any present-day situations in the world?

2. What do you think the effect of Black Panther's identity being known in relation to his power to make changes? Does this make him more vulnerable to conspirators? Does the abundance of characters and Pulp-Fiction-like order of the story leaves us with a blind eye to the conspiracies as well?

3. Where does Everett K. Ross actually fit in? Why do you think the story is told from his point of view?

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Black Panther Questions

1) Why do you think Huey P. Newton, the founder of the Black Panther Party and author of the "Ten Point Program", cites statements from the declaration of Independence even if most of the signers were slave owners?

2) In the Black Panther Comic book, who is Achebe and who is he similar to in the real world?

3) Name some of the things that T'Challa does that are consistent with the Ten-Point Program.