Monday, April 11, 2005


Are you for or against the death penality? Why? (Make everbody answer)

If you were in charge of creating the justice system for a new country, what type of system would you use? Why?

Explain the power knowledge relationship from the end of the work. Why is it discussed?

Sunday, April 10, 2005


  1. The author keep repeating the phrase Damiens says which is "looked at himself." What do you think the significance of this is?
  2. Forms of punishment has changed from public torture to private lethal injections. Why has the form of punishment changed so much throughout the years?
  3. Throughout the reading they talk about physical punishment and punishment against the soul. Do you believe there should be physical punishment, mental punishment, or both against the convicted? Is there a better form of punishment that they should use?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bomb the Suburbs thoughts

I read this back in high school, but it means more to me know then it did back then. In high school I didnt quite understand what Uspki was really getting at, I didnt get the whole culture clashes and his way of expressing his concern.

But now that I have more life behind me it make more sense and I tend to agree with him on more things than before.

He honestly writes about his experience with racism and what he has viewed. He pulles out the idea that whites have a interest in how blacks live, "They [white kids] want to experience blackness, dramatic and direct, but not too direct, thank you very much" It is interesting that we as a culture still seemed as confused and concerned with racism as we did 40 years ago. It seem like we dont know who we are or who we want to be. But who should we be, what should we experience? Is it wrong for a white person to like hip hop (Which Upski says it is both good and bad, bringing various social groups together and spreading them apart) and want to experience the culture that goes along with it?

His overall thoughs in the book to me are that we as social groups need to interact with eachother, and this wont happen in the suburban home on 1.4 acres of land, we need to move back into the city where we actually see other people and experience other through city life.