Monday, February 21, 2005

COINTELPRO questions round 1 for now

hey all

right down to business....reading these papers and memos should arouse some sort of uneasiness in you. Remember that this is YOUR government plotting, planning, and methodically working to eliminate "undesirables" and dissenters.

Why do you think the government was so afraid of these minority groups? (especially the Black Panther Party, BPP) Do you think that any of their fears were valid? Can you think of any ways that the FBI might have dealt with these issues differently, in maybe a more positive way? It might not be possible to deal with racial issues like these "positively", but were there other "solutions" besides having people killed or jailed?

Should groups like the BPP and the US (United Slaves) be offered equal protection under the law if the government charges them with treasonous behavior? What similarities can you draw between the BPP and a modern-day Islamic group, like the Council on American-Islam relations, which has been accused of being "soft" on terror and supporters of militant groups would wide? Should the CAIR be treated with the same respect to the law as say the AARP, even though their rhetoric may not be enitirely Pro-US?

Like it or not, many whites were not very accepting of minorities at the time of COINTELPRO. Do you think the public would have supported these policies if they knew they existed?

See what you can come up with....maybe some more later?


Sunday, February 06, 2005

Room change for this week

We will be meeting in Room 6191 Helen C. White Hall this week for movie watching comfortableness!

Rough draft due tomorrow!

Finish talking about V for Vendetta tomorrow!

see you tomorrow

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

V for Vendetta, Book 3

IF YOU HAVEN'T READ BOOK 3, DON'T CONTINUE. The following questions contain information about the climax/end of the book.

There is a subtle change in book one--has anyone noticed? V begins to refer to Evey as "Eve," perhaps a more formal version of her nickname. Incidentally, Eve comes from the Hebrew word meaning "to live," a term probably stemming from her transformation in Book 2. What outward/inward signs of change do we see in Evey during Book 3? How does this prepare her for the task V has laid out for her? Why is she such a good choice for this task?

We see Finch go through a journey to discover the whereabouts of V's lair. Why do you think Moore chose to have V killed in this fashion? How did V seem to "know" about it? Any additional commentary on the leader's demise?

We see in Book 3 that V has been in control of "Fate" all along. Does this relate to the concepts of justice and anarchy?